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DevOps engineers should be knowledgeable of Node.js and programming languages like Java, Javascript, Ruby, Shell, Bash and PHP. A DevOps engineer must understand Linux fundamentals, such as file handling, system administration, text processing and process management. They should also know how to operate Linux servers and have proficiency in scripting languages, such as Python. Many places on the Internet offer training for Linux and Windows admins who want to develop DevOps skills for their job. I recommend reading the best DevOps training guide for beginners before signing up for any courses. Should I learn to deploy and build Docker infrastructure if I want to become a DevOps Engineer?

what skills does a devops engineer need

CompTIA offers many training options, including CompTIA CertMaster products. The people who benefit most from DevOps certificates are the vendors that want you to believe you need them. New books show up all the time, which is why our list of the best DevOps books is constantly updating. Not everyone devops engineer how to become needs DevOps, nor is everyone on board with the belief that such processes add any value to their existing methods. We’re talking about an elusive skill set not many people in the world currently have. The other option is to develop DevOps skills in-house, which in some cases is less disruptive.

Wondering how GitHub can help your business?

Each of these certifications requires key skills for DevOps engineer with a passing score, and they will all show your dedication to learning and professional development. Taking a course is another great way to develop the skills needed to be a successful DevOps engineer. There is an expert-curated DevOps online training available that can teach you everything from the basics of coding to more advanced concepts such as containerization and orchestration. Good problem-solving skills are also important, as DevOps engineers are often required to debug issues and find creative solutions to complex problems.

If applicants have owned a business, then they are probably good at customer service. Finding people who care and can drill down into a conversation with the developer or customer is key to solving problems. It does take a unique person to listen to feedback, especially when the developer or customer calls someone’s baby ugly. I wish I had a dollar for every time a developer blamed my infrastructure for why they were late on a project or why their app was slow.

Data Engineering: A Key Investment for Business Success

Most DevOps-minded people are brilliant, which probably plays into their stubbornness in following the plan. Terraform, Bash, Powershell, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, Python – you name it. They must be able to write code to automate repeatable processes. But we’re not stopping there because they also need to be able to code to RESTFUL APIs. If you are going to replace manual processes such as assigning IP addresses and DNS reservations, someone needs to write some code.

  • A key skill for DevOps engineers is balancing tech with business needs.
  • Learn how to advance your career in this dynamic and lucrative field.
  • With great job prospects, the opportunity to work on innovative projects and to develop a vast array of transferable skills, it’s an appealing career path.
  • Also doing microservices requires a shift in how infrastructure is traditionally run.
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